Thursday, June 5, 2008

making dreams come true

Well, I can't believe it's really happening, I am happy to announce I am currently enrolled and taking classes to become a Dental Hygienist. It has been a dream of mine since I became a Dental Assistant in 2001. It has just never been the right time, but now that I am a wife and mother (with loads of time on my!) I am now going back to school. The cool thing is that I never really liked being a student, but now that I am doing it for me, and I know that the outcome will be the job of my dreams, it is so much more interesting, and I am actually enjoying it. It is not easy by any means, but I am doing well, and finally Jackson is adjusting to not having his momma around all the time, he is starting to take naps again, he went through a few weeks of no naps, I was about to go crazy, but we are good now. He likes the sitter and she really likes him and is always bragging on just how smart his is and how she can tell that he really gets a lot of attention and is loved at home. And that really makes me feel like we are "doing something right." I am so thankful for the opportunity to go to school, so that we can send Jackson to the best schools when the time comes. And I am honored to have been accepted, because there are 24 seats in my class, and about 177 people applied. How cool is that? Brian is the greatest husband in the whole world, he supports me 1,000% and he works so hard for us. Thanks for being a part of making my dreams come true. Oh, and to all our family and friends, I would like to apoligize in advance, but until graduation, if you don't see or talk to me very much, it is not because I am upset or don't love you. It is just trying to study, be an attentive mom and wife ( to a husband that I don't even get to see everyday), and take care of our house, is pretty much the entire 24 hours of my day and then some. So, just know that I love you all and keep me and my sweet little family in you prayers and thoughts. Yeah, for dreams, and I am excited that mine are actually within reach.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Go Redbirds!

Yesterday was very exciting for us, we saw our 1st Redbirds game, it was about 49 degrees and rainy, but we bundled up and had a blast! We were invited by some friends and we started out sitting on the hill, but when the rains came, we headed for our seats. While we were on the hill, one of the Redbirds hit a home run and it was headed straight for us, luckily Ben T. was paying attention to the game, because someone would have gotten injured, but we didn't because Ben caught that ball with his bare hands!!!! Wow, way to go Ben! Jackson loved the game, he was getting lots of hugs and kisses from Julie, and he always loves attention from the ladies. After the game the Redbirds were letting all the kids run around the bases. Jackson was in heaven, he even slide into 2nd base, well, mainly because some other kid kinda bumped into him. Nevertheless, he loved getting dirty and looked really cute, he also loved Rocky the Redbird. We had a great time, and the Redbirds won the game, yeah! Thanks Ben and Christie and Julie for inviting us!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

catching up!

Well, I said I would not be one of the bloggers that was really consistent, and then just stopped, and it looks like that is exactly like what I did. So to catch up on is great, my sweet husband just celebrated his Big 35! And we had a weekend of fun! Kickin' the weekend off with a steak dinner with some of our favorite friends, Barry and Heather and Dale and Elisha and their little ones. We ate steak and green bean bundles and sushi, and I made a Black forest cake for dessert of course with the candles in the shape of a 3 and a 5! Then we played guitar hero until everyone was exhausted, but they left the x-box here and I continued to play while Brian was snoring on the couch, I think it was about 2:30 am while I turned it off. I seriously think if we had that game I would be addicted and I most of the time hate video games. On Sunday I had our family celebrate Brian's b-day lunch with us at Jim-N-Nick's restaurant and it was really fun seeing everyone. I love when our family all gets together, even though, I never know who is talking to me because they are all talking at once. I misses my granny being there, she didn't feel good, and we missed her alot. Jackson was so funny, he wanted to eat the rolls and we where waiting for the waitress to bring more to the table so we offered Jackson some chips, and he shook his head "no" and said "Roll" very cute. I made a cake for this as well. And to end the birthday weekend with, you guessed it.....more cake I made another cake for him to take to the fire station. I am all baked out. Just kidding...I would make 50 more cakes for my sweetie if I needed to. Happy Birthday, Brian, Jackson and I love you so much!

Friday, October 26, 2007


I know that I have been blogging way to much about little kid shows, but I just think this is so cute, that I just can't resist. There is a commercial for a show called Yo Gabba-Gabba. We haven't actually watched the show, but Jackson loves the commercial for it so much. There are all these silly looking monsters and robots and one looks like a drop of water, well, they are all running around like crazy, while the robot wants to take their picture....are you still with me, this story gets better I promise....So the robot tell all the other characters that they have a case of the "Sillies, and they need to get them out." Then they bust into song about how to get the sillies out. You gotta jump! Shake! Shimmy them out, you gotta jump, shake, shimmy, them out, to get the sillies out, get the sillies out, and that's what it's about! Well, that is the song, but it is not just a song around our house. It is more like Jackson's theme song, he walks around all day long, putting one hand up in the air with his fingers in a snapping position, singing "Jump!" and that is mommy's cue to sing the rest of the sillies song. Well, this has been his favorite song for about the past month and a half, and we finally got an actually picture of him singing his part "Jump!" He is so funny!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Paramedics.?...not again!

In the past 13 months Jackson has managed to get his leg stuck in a shopping cart that required the assistance of the Bartlett Fire Dept. and now the Paramedics. Tuesday night, after taking his bath and getting on his jammies, he was playing on his favorite birthday toy, the little tike's slide, which he plays on constantly. And well, I guess the fleece p.j.'s gave him an extra slick bottom, because he flew down the slide like lightening, and slammed head first into the entertainment center. I quickly grabbed him and peeled his face off the cabinet door. He was of course crying, but holding his breath, so I had to blow in his face to get him to take a breath. Well, after getting him to calm down, so I could see what the damage was, I noticed that his right eye was starting to swell on his eyebrow. I was worried about it so I tried to call Brian at work, but of course he was driving the ambulance and they were taking a patient to the hospital. I left a message for him to call me asap. Then his Lt. called me back and told me that he was putting in an emergency call to Brian, that way he would know that I needed to talk to him sooner that waiting for him to come back to the station. And the Lt. also talked me though checking out Jackson's pupils for dilation. (Thanks, Kenny!) I tried to call our neighbor who is a MFD paramedic, but no answer. So, by this time Brian called me from the hospital, dropping off a patient who had a broken hip. I explained what happened and he told me to call BFD and talk with the paramedic, and just make sure they didn't need to check Jackson out. I called and keep in mind that we know all these guys since Brian worked there for almost 6 years. So, I talked with the medic, and he felt like it would be best if they just came out and made sure that he didn't have a concussion or something. They just came on over it wasn't an official 911 call, so they didn't come "lights and sirens" or anything. So, they looked him over and they said everything looked okay. Thanks Guys! What a relief! Just chalk it up to being a boy,I guess. I think I have given birth to the next Evil Kenevil.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

happy anniversary to us

I just wanted to say what a wonderful husband I have an on the 16th we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We started the day by taking Jackson to mothers-day-out, then we decided to have breakfast at cracker barrel(yummy!) After eating until we felt like we were going to pop, we came home and exchanged gifts, I set up a tee time for Brian and a friend of his choice to go play golf and I gave him golf balls. And he took me to a nursery and I picked out a Crepe Myrtle(dark purple) for the front yard and a Ginkgo tree for the back yard. After tromping Thur the mud at the nursery, we went to pick up Jackson from school and on the way home we stopped by the pumpkin patch. Jackson was just having the best time, I think he climbed on every pumpkin in the whole patch.Pointing to each on saying "pumpkin" and he even tried to take a bite of a few of them. We also went on a hayride while we were there, and picked out the pumpkins that we wanted to bring home with us. When we got home we got ready and we went out to eat at Blue Fish (in the cooper-young area), and Jackson stayed with his Nana and Granddad. We had the best time ever!
Happy Anniversary, Brian, you are the love of my life and my soul mate and it is so awesome the live each day with my BEST! And just like the engraving on your wedding ring says, you are "my friend, my love, my hero" Thanks for always giving me the best of you. I am looking forward to the next 100 years of fun, and love and well, you. I love you, happy anniversary!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Busy Day

Yesterday, we had such a busy day, we went down to Mississippi to see my Granny, Jackson's Great-Grandmother, which he called her "Nanny" in his attempt to say Granny. He played and played and discover all the picture of his family and learned all their names, over and over again. Also his Mimi came to see him and they played tee-ball which for a 1st timer he was surprisingly good at making contact with the ball. After leaving Mississippi we came home quick enough to eat a snack and take showers, then we went to home group where he played with Julie, Gavin, and Dylan. They had a blast. We put his p.j.s on at home group then we went from there to my friends house who just had a baby. And we held Hayli then. We came home. What a day.... and the amazing thing is that Jackson didn't cry the whole day, until I was changing his diaper before putting him to bed and as I was reaching for the diaper, he stood up like he sometimes does. They he began to pee. The crazy thing was that it landed on my jeans, so I made a funny sound, I mean, I wasn't mad at him, it was just an accident, so it startled him, and he stopped then he started again a second later. By this time, he was crying and peeing and I was laughing because he peed on me. I had to reassure him that it was okay, it was an accident, a funny one at that! So that was the only time he cried the whole day. What a good baby we have!